Mini Pets Update

Grimworld Server posted Mar 17, 17

Mini Pets Are Now Available

We have added a new feature to the server; Mini Pets! These mountable pets are merely for cosmetic purposes. They can be acquired by donating through our Donation Shop on the website. Choose from a wide variety of different pet types-- from cats and dogs to dolphins and birds.

An owner pets their pet Mini Dog

A donor lovingly pets their Mini Dog (above).

Show your support for our server by having your own personal companion to tag along with you on your Minecraft journeys!

Server Is Live!

Grimworld Server posted Feb 26, 17

Grimworld Is Live!

The server is now officially paid for through the rest of the year. The first round of invitations to the server has been released, and we will open it up to the general public soon. Stay tuned!

Server Spawn

Image of our server spawn (above).

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