New Vehicles Added

A wide array of new vehicles has just been added to the server. Type /help vehicles in-game to display all vehicles commands. There are variations of each type of vehicle. The following is a list of the different vehicle types on our server;

Bikes - type /bikeshop in game
Cars - type /carshop in game
Rafts - type /raftshop in game
Parachutes - type /parachuteshop in game
Trains - type /trainshop in game
Tanks - type /tankshop in game
Submarines - type /submarineshop in game
Helicopters - type /helicoptershop in game
Planes - type /planeshop in game


Note: Vehicles have life just like animals and players. Vehicles can be destroyed by other players or mobs. Be careful with your vehicles-- they are not cheap to replace!