Safe Trade Menu Update

Grimworld Server posted Sep 18, 17

Safe Trade Menu Implemented

Players may now utilize the "Safe Trading" feature, in order to trade with strangers. Simply type /trade username while within a close enough range to another player to open up a trade menu. This circumvents the concerns of simply dropping items on the ground in order to trade. With this menu you will be able to trade, not only items, but also in-game currency and experience points.


Pictured above is a general example of how the trade menu will look to players. The left side being one player, and the right side being another.

Jump Pads Update

Grimworld Server posted Sep 18, 17

Introducing: Jump Pads

You can now place a Gold Pressure Plate atop a Redstone Block to create a "Jump Pad". This will launch you in the direction you are moving at a velocity contingintent upon the speed in which you hit it. Have fun with it!

New Enchantments Update

Grimworld Server posted Sep 5, 17

New Enchantments Added

We have added several custom enchantments to Grimworld. There is a small chance that these enchantments will show up on your items as you enchant them. They are less likely to show up than the vanilla enchantments. See below for a list of the enchantments and what they do;

Auto-Speed I-II - Gives Speed I-II potion effects while wearing/holding item.
Unstable I-III - A bad enchant that rarely appears; Decays durability slowly.
Nightvision I - Gives Nightvision I potion effect while wearing/holding item.
Venom I-III - Poisons an enemy when hitting it with the enchant. 
Auto-Smelting I - Smelts down iron and gold; Stacks with fortune.
Regain I (105) - Regains durability when mining same type of ore the pickaxe is made out of.
Rejuvination I-III - Regains durability slowly while holding/wearing item.
Waterbreathing I - Gives Waterbreathing I potion effect while wearing/holding item.
Reinforced I-III - Instantly mines all ores. (higher the enchant level, less durability it uses).
Slowness I-III - Slows down an enemy when hitting it with the enchant.
Heavy I-III - Slows you down and adds mining fatigue whilst holding/wearing
Regeneration I-III - When you heal half a heart with full food, adds extra chance to heal a full heart (more armor with that enchant stacks and gives more chances)
Flight I - Allows creative flight; Decays durability when holding/wearing
Auto-Jump I-III - Gives Jumping I-III potion effects while wearing/holding item.
Quake I-III - Quakes the ground around you and sends mobs and (if allowed in server configs) people flying away. With each level, the enchant gets stronger in radius and velocity.
Excavation I-II - Digs a 3x3(3x3x2 if level 2) area. Applicable to shovels ,axes and pickaxes. (fortune, auto-smelt ,reinforced and other enchants stack up).
Blindness I-III - Blinds an enemy when hitting it with the enchant.
Withering I-III - Withers an enemy when hitting it with the enchant.
Life Leech I-II - Can leech some health off of an enemy when hitting him
Poison Arrows I-III - Same as Venom ,for bows
Withered Arrows I-III - Same as Withering ,for bows
Flashing Arrows I-III - Same as Blindness ,for bows
Soulbound I - When you die ,you will still have the item with this enchant. (configurable if you lose it afterwards)
Ice Aspect I-II - can freeze someone in place for a short amount of time. (configurable in configs)
Lucky I-II - Gives more XP when killing any living entity (except players)
Beheading I-III - Has a progressively higher chance to behead skeletons, creepers, zombies and players.
Life I - Extends your life by a certain amount (default 0.5 hearts per level & armor piece)
Electrocute I-III - Can cause nausea and deals more damage to armored living entities.
Explosive Arrows I-III - Random chance to shoot an arrow which will explode on impact; highly configurable
Well Fed I-II - Keeps your food levels higher.
Hunger I-II - Another bad enchant near instability and heavy - makes your hunger go down quicker
Multishoot I-II - Can shoot multiple arrows at once.
Agility I-III - Adds haste when holding a weapon. Configurable max level!
Plasma I-II - Like electrocute, but for diamond and leather armors - deals more damage.
Insulation I-III - Combats Plasma and Electrocute - makes them deal less damage on you.

Pictured above is a pair of Diamond Boots with the AutoJump and AutoSpeed custom enchantments.

New Vehicles Update

Grimworld Server posted Mar 29, 17

New Vehicles Added

A wide array of new vehicles has just been added to the server. Type /help vehicles in-game to display all vehicles commands. There are variations of each type of vehicle. The following is a list of the different vehicle types on our server;

  • Bikes - type /bikeshop in game
  • Cars - type /carshop in game
  • Rafts - type /raftshop in game
  • Parachutes - type /parachuteshop in game
  • Trains - type /trainshop in game
  • Tanks - type /tankshop in game
  • Submarines - type /submarineshop in game
  • Helicopters - type /helicoptershop in game
  • Planes - type /planeshop in game


Note: Vehicles have life just like animals and players. Vehicles can be destroyed by other players or mobs. Be careful with your vehicles-- they are not cheap to replace!

New Ranks Update

Grimworld Server posted Mar 20, 17

New Ranks Available

In addition to the default "Coal Rank" all new players get, we have added 4 new ranks for donors. These ranks also give some perks. Check out the "Ranks" section of the "Donation Shop" to find out more about our Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald ranks!

New Ranks UpdateNew Ranks UpdateNew Ranks UpdateNew Ranks Update

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